Wednesday, 9 December 2009

New Web site: Pesher of Christ

Since February, I have been working to complete the Revelations section of Dr. Barbara Thiering at which has been updated now to to avoid confusion. This is my nonprofit site, which my corporation pays for and, since May 2005, I have donated my time and effort in building and supporting this site in conjunction with Dr. Thiering. Since this site contains only her work, I felt that it was time that I started my own site using the name "Pesher of Christ" which I invented and lent to Dr. Thiering's webspace.

Although I have great respect for her work, I feel that her work has suffered from her insistence on the Rules of the Pesher which I am not convinced do exist. These rules have no documentary or historical support; however, the results of these rules are set out in the site above. Please review it for yourself and do not take my opinion. Although some of her findings have appeared in the “DaVinci Code”, many scholars dismiss her work out of hand precisely because of her Rules of Pesher.

I wanted to create a site that could express the new Christian paradigm that does not seek to devalue Jesus Christ as merely "Jesus the Man" (title of Dr. Thiering's book), but shows that an understanding of the truth about Jesus can be an important stepping-stone for an inclusive Christian faith rather than one that is secularized and exclusive. I also wanted to show proofs that support a new view of Jesus in the context of the paradigm in which he lived. These proofs will use Historical Writings (e.g. Josephus and Philo), Apocryphal Writings, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hammadi Books, and sometimes merely common sense and logical deduction alone.

I hope that you will join me on this journey as I map out the facts that are hidden in the New Testament in a similar way that I did in my earlier blogs that deciphered the Twelve Disciples. I will not be using Dr. Thiering's “pesher technique”, but rather a looser construction that I am calling the Pesher of Christ.

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