Thursday, 23 August 2012

Jesus Journeys

I dreamed that there was the Second Coming and Jesus and his Mother Mary had returned. Being unsure of gasoline cars, they decided to walk or travel by donkey or boat to visit all their favorite sites. On second thought instead of this, given the dangerous times in Israel, Palestine, and Jordan, they purchased a laptop and used Animated Jesus Journeys the program written by Dylan Stephens with Google Maps API to follow the routes they traveled in New Testament times. 

They followed Mary's Annunciation Trip, Bethlehem birth Trip by Donkey, the return from Presentation of Jesus at Birth, the flight to Egypt border by Donkey, Baptism by John,  Jesus’ Introduction to the Disciples, Jesus’ Healing Canaanite Woman and Daughter,  Peter's conundrum at Feeding of the 5,000, Palm Sunday, the Crucifixion path, and the Emmaus Meeting after the Crucifixion. They enjoyed especially all the wrong routes that are believed today. Some of these journeys were on YouTube at Jesus Journeys.

 You see the scholars and the Church believe that Jesus was from Nazareth instead of Jesus who was a Nazarite, practicing periodic fasts in the wilderness,, thus there was no Jesus of Nazareth, but Jesus the Nazarite. They did not take into account that Qumran, being the mirror image of Jerusalem, was the Jerusalem of Jesus and that the Sea of Galilee was really the Dead Sea. They did not realize Jesus was from what you could call a Protestant version of the Essene Church following some principles and not others. But one day everyone will know.

Mary and Jesus took with them found two e-books by Dylan Stephens that we offered for free from September 1-5 called Paulina’s Promise to her grandfather, Jesus and The Seven Sisters and the Apocalypse.

Alas this Second Coming was just a marketing ploy for Dylan Stephens’ books, but nonetheless very good guidance for those who want to learn the true story about Jesus and the Early Church. Thanks for reading my blog.