Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Release of my book: "The Pesher of Christ"

Proud to announce the result of 10 years of study and writing my new book: The Pesher of Christ.
It will become the reference book on this subject as it contains both the story and the references.

This book reveals the true history of Jesus and his Church (8BC – 112AD) by means of the Pesher of Christ. Today many Christians are awaiting the final apocalypse of Revelation, which has been tainted by an incorrect reading of Revelation, which is merely a telling of past history with imaginative images. Many are awaiting the Second Coming of Christ, which again is a misreading of Resurrection. Now more than ever, it is important to understand that Jesus did not die on the cross, that he did not do miracles, that he lived to be 78 years old, outliving both Peter and Paul. It is the misinterpretation of Jesus and his mission which continues to create disharmony in the world and even within Christian sects. It is crucial that we ground ourselves in the truth in order to fully realize the potential of Christ within ourselves and others. Faith is not enough! This book contains two parts: the left-hand pages contain the references that support the content of the right-hand pages that contain the true story as told by each person in the New Testament in his/her own words. Amazon Link to book